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Protecting yourself in the Cyber Arena – Understanding Admin rights

Step 1 – Understanding Admin rights More important: Who has them, and why they(you) don’t need them. Let's start at the very beginning: What exactly are Admin rights (or Admin privileges /Access)? Admin rights are the ultimate access to a given resource in a computerized environment. It means that the one that has Admin rights, can do whatever he wants with that specific resource. A resource on a computer can be a lot of things, for example, it can be a file (doc, spreadsheet and similar), a folder, a program/application/game/ configuration changes and it can even be the Computer itself. A resource on a Network can be all of the above, plus it can also be a trillion more things, a minor example can be: Network folders, files or shares, database, apps, web apps, printers, cameras, camera server…. and so much more, as much as you can imagine. Everything in the computer world every object, has an access right: when you interact with an object, the level of rights