Cyber ​​2.0 introduces: "Work in Time of Corona"

Cyber ​​2.0 introduces: "Work in Time of Corona"

Nowadays, when the demand for employees working from home is growing, employees who leave the organizational security system, find themselves exposed to cyber attacks that exploit the fact, that their computers are exposed to threats when working from home.

Massive new-generation cyber protection is required for employees working from home: protection that allows the organization's employees transparency, receiving threat alert notifications, and even blocking the threats that employees are exposed to. This protection will allow protection of the organizational components that employees are addressing, while at the same time allowing employees to maintain their privacy

Cyber ​​2.0, which provides a service that essentially prevents and blocks any spread of cyber-attack, including new and unknown attacks, within and outside the organizational system, has already begun moving its customers into a configuration that allows their employees to work from home and continue to be protected.

The company's customers already have a server (physically or in the cloud), and an agent already installed on all employees' computers. This is not the employee's laptop that an employee takes home, but a computer that is in the employee's home. All it takes is to add an agent to these computers.

This agent, communicates directly with the server, and maps the real-time network activity on the computer. At the same time, it prevents the spread of information or the spread of ransom viruses to other computers or to remote networks that the user enters for the purpose of his work.

An IT manager in the organization receives information about the malware, however, the blocking is automatically done anyway. So, the information is just an add-on, and the IT manager is not required to do anything at all.

Cyber ​​2.0 system allows the organization to protect and monitor its employees' computers at home, without invading their privacy, as it does not read the content itself (documents, site logins, chats, etc.)

Cyber ​​2.0 supports the European GDPR standard.

Cyber ​​2.0 was founded in 2015 and serves clients in Israel and around the world. Recently, the company also began providing the service in the cloud, to suit small and medium-sized customers as well.


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